David CRONENBERG 'Dead Zone' edited par Mad Movies


Zone 2 (2004)


This a collection associated with a magazine, which make the crime more horrible !


As I already had this movie on a cassette, but in French, I immediately saw that something was very wrong. The DVD's bonuses includes some clips from the same movie, but this has not been reformatted, and it has been possible to get very similar images to compare and grade the misdemeanor of the 16/9 formatting.





This is a 4/3 original image taken from the bonus.





The same image has been slaughtered to 16/9. The main damage is that the perspective is now totally different.






In the second example, the perspective is not changed. But we will see axactly here what has been cut from this original 4/3 image.






Same image as 4/3, but seen on a TV Set from a GOOD DVD. I am not disturbed at all by the lateral black strips. (TV margins makes them a bit smaller)



And the same image after the crime, either with the reformatted 16/9 DVD or after using the 'zoom' to get it from a good DVD.

If the image quality is the same, one third of it is missing. On this pictures, the missing details are not important, but imagine what will become of a full frame portrait !





And this is where the whole thing becomes stupid. Here what will be now be seen on a standard 4/3 TV Set.

We are back to the black strips that make the Pan & Scan exists.